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3 calls today. No message left. I've obviously been sold to some list for my cell phone because I've gotten many spam calls in the last several months. I always do a google search & look at several sites. Not too many people have commented...but the ones that have said it was spam or harassment...I like that word! When I find out callers are not legit, I block them, then hit add to existing contact..."spam" if they get through, that's how it pops up. Oh yeah, someone said it was the IRS going to inform they were about to file a lawsuit, but white pages reverse lookup says it's a cell true. Do more research than one site!


Said from IRS... the IRS does not call you.


I got a voicemail on my business phone claiming that this person is from YP (yellow pages) and we have a 90 day past due invoice in collections. No we do not. He gave his ext. as 2110.


Same pink paper notice. They didn't even get my first name right. Phone number listed is 1 877 407 3826


Same call threatening enforcement... 26 July 2016 at 11:04 a.m. Pacific


This person called and was extremely rude. Would not give a lot of information and hung up on our company many times. BEWARE




They claim to be a refund department and they eventually will ask you for MONEY. DO NOT GIVE THEM NOTHING.


Message threatening enforcement action federal trouble. Urged "cooperation" to avoid appearance before magistrate or federal grand jury.


Received message from unknown caller from 878-777-4609. Included in the text was a website link. From a different device, input that website and it took me to paydayloans.


Text message received about relief on student loan. Since I'm not a student and don't have any current loans of any kind, well, SCAM!


Person claims they know me but would never tell me their name.


Got its call and when I tried to call back the call doesn't go thru. Unknown company name


Female pretending to be police from Connecticut


Called & hung up after went to VM.


I received a phone call from this phone number stating that i was going to be served papers on July 29th for an outstanding payday loan?? I don't have any outstanding loans. I asked the guy to send me an email with the information and he said okay. I haven't received anything yet. I asked for my address on file and he gave me a really old address. I'm not sure if this is legit or not. I received calls about this very same loan from scammers. This guy didn't sound like a scammer, he seemed intelligent enough, but I don't think I can take this seriously. Has anyone else received this?


Called, no reply on pick up.


Says call was made from Albuquerque, NM and I didn't recognize it, so ignored it. They left a voicemail for me to claim a loan by pressing 5. Obvious spam, so I immediately deleted the voicemail and blocked the number.


I got a VM on my work phone. It was a recording, very slow and strange as another person said. The message said it was Officer Heather Grey from the IRS. I don't owe the IRS anything, and as another person said, they would be sending mail, not calling, if it was the IRS. This is a scam.


This is a obama phone that they stole from Danial Allison . dreamer is lester James Christy Sr he's 64 years old and he left me for a 17 year old herion addict. They live at 3020 e Nelson nlv nv 89030


This Scam Caller attempting to steal identity information and licencing information.Phone number is cloaked to his his ip address and location.


Sent me a txt with my full name, my address saying rebut Needed for confirmation Link


3 days with a new phone, rec'd call from 876.422.4645, didn't recognize, so I swiped ignore, and texted them, " I don't recognize your number". My caller id showed a name I also did not recognize. They called back two minutes later. I blocked the number on my phone (galaxy s7 has this function).


3 days with a new phone, rec'd call from 876.422.4645, didn't recognize, so I swiped ignore, and texted them, " I don't recognize your number". My caller id showed a name I also did not recognize. They called back two minutes later. I blocked the number on my phone (galaxy s7 has this function).


3 days with a new phone, rec'd call from 876.422.4645, didn't recognize, so I swiped ignore, and texted them, " I don't recognize your number". My caller id showed a name I also did not recognize. They called back two minutes later. I blocked the number on my phone (galaxy s7 has this function).




This woman Lisa Portelli Leefy85 Is a home wreckers she lies and manipulates people. If she gets your husband or boyfriends number she won't stop ringing them along with lies about them having a relationship with her


This # calls 3-4 times a day. Never leaves a message.


This number is dialing my home phone about every 3 minutes, even during the night. It has been going on for months! There is no actual phone to call to let them know this is happening, I am going to have to changet my phone numbe if the continues.


Have been receiving calls from the this number for a couple of weeks now. I don't answer since I don't recognize the number and the very second my voice mail begins to record they hang up leaving no message.




Received a text with a video link to Marco Polo app.


My name is Dana and I just received a text from this phone number stating this person is " in so much pain ". Sounds as if this person needs to go to the ER to get help.


Didn't leave a message. Very odd


Wants to send you an email about software. Cold sales call. Uses a different personal name each time but from same company. Several times per day. Has your email address already so why not just send it like any other spam?


Received a call from this number taken by my answering machine. They claimed to be a federal tax agency and said I had a federal tax lien filed against me that had to be resolved immediately. They said I should call them back at once with the required information at the number shown or that the matter would be turned over to Federal Court for resolution.


Message on my computer screen an message appeared to call this number 888-485-3069 to unlock the computer claiming they were from Comcast. Finally got the computer turned off and back on but third party malware was installed. I called McAfee and they removed all suspicious files from my hard drive.


Received an SMS message saying "to avoid corruption to he registry of for Windows 10 64-bt operating system please contact support at the toll-free Helpline (8888) 875-5788. DO NOT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART THE COMPUTER, DOING THAT MAY LEAD TO DATA LOSS AND POSSIBLE FAILURE OF THE OPERATING SYSTEM AND POTENTIAL NON BOOTABLE SITUATION RESULTING IN COMPLETE DATA LOSS, CONTACT MICROSOFT CERTIFIED TECHÑICIANS TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE CALLING TOLL FREE - (888) 875-5778 For your safety, closing the Microsoft Edge bowser has been disabled without support of the Microsoft-Certified technician to avoid corr7ption tothevregiistry of your Window 10


I got the exact same message. Its a scam. DO NOT PROVIDE THIS C*NT WITH ANY INFORMATION.


I received a call today from this number, stating they were the BB&T Fraud Dept. I called the BB&T main number printed on my debit card. They verified that this is the legitimate BB&T fraud center line. They verified my transaction by giving the information to me, not asking me for personal info. So this is totally safe and legit.


Caller ID: Cordell, OK. and 580-660-5596. Didn't answer (rejected call) and they left a message. An electronic voice - very robotic. Sentence start was cut off (like most are) then said ... IRS is filing a law suit against you. To get more information about this case file please call immediately our department # 580-660-5596...


Several calls from this number - no name given - threatening lawsuit and claiming to be IRS. I hung up and now ignore calls with 937-301 and any last four digits. Looks like this is a fairly new scam.


Essaie par tous les moyen d'avoir votre numéro de téléphone portable. Il veut qu'on le rappelle avec un cell ou qu'on le texte.


This person called me vile names when I wasn't interested in his offer of a lower interest rate on my credit card and was insisting on me giving him my card #.


A window showed up in Google Chrome saying that I need to call this number so the tech could prevent me from being unable to use the Internet and if I didn't pay them an exorbitant amount of money for some software and to pay for this supposedly rescue type software "all" I had to do was enter my bank information. On top of all that shit, the woman got me to let her get onto my computer via the Internet.


Criminels astucieux qui utilisent votre adresse IP pour vous localiser. Vont même jusqu'à vous menacer si vous ne démasquez pas votre numéro de téléphone.


Sent a text. Don't know the number and refuse to open anything sent if I don't know. And learned never to answer a call I don't recognize either. To many scammers and viruses out to take a chance




They stole 750 dollars they told me I was win 7,000 dollars from the government something like that and they make me to buy some ITunes care with 250 and 500 please help me to get my money back...


Received a phone call from this number stating that they've attempted numerous to contact me to lower my student loan payment and that I needed to contact them before the deal expired.

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